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    Beaver Creek Expert Skiing

    The fact that Beaver Creek is widely considered to be an intermediate skier’s paradise is one of the best things it has to offer expert skiers. Think about it: skiers from all over the world associate Beaver Creek with being one of the best mountains for blue-square groomers even though 39-percent of the terrain is technically considered to be “most difficult” on the trail map. 
    If you’re on the hunt for a challenge, starving for fresh tracks in powder, or looking for rocks and trees to navigate, Beaver Creek is a sleeper destination. While the masses are sticking to the groomers, those in search of Beaver Creek expert skiing are rewarded with untouched and uncrowded runs right next to the chairlift.

    Beaver Creek Tree Skiing

    While Beaver Creek may not be widely known as the expert skiing haven—that it is, if you know where to go—it is known for its top-notch, challenging tree skiing. The Royal Elk Glades and Black Bear Glades hug the ski boundary on Grouse Mountain, to the skier’s left off of the chairlift, and both zones are a go-to for locals looking to get away from the crowds and find knee-deep powder.

    Beaver Creek Extreme Skiing

    For experts in search of Beaver Creek extreme skiing, head to the Stone Creek Chutes. The Chutes are Beaver Creek’s claim to fame with expert skiers looking for pillows to pop, rocks to huck, chutes to straight line, and steep, short pitches to barrel down. You’ll feel like a star in one of Warren Miller’s movies if you are lucky enough to catch the Stone Creek Chutes early on a powder morning!
    The go-to for park rats looking to go big off of booters or slide rainbow rails is the Rodeo Terrain Park near the Centennial Lift. This pro-sized park is rails and boxes, hips and jumps.

    Beaver Creek Birds of Prey Downhill

    Most expert skiers love Beaver Creek because of the uber-steep groomers on hand. World Cup ski racers test their mettle every year on the iconic steeps and rolls of Beaver Creek’s Birds of Prey run. As the only World Cup race in the U.S., the Birds of Prey course has garnered a reputation for challenging the world’s best downhill men. Expert skiers get to sample the run whenever they want thanks to Beaver Creek’s grooming team. While you don’t have to wear a speed suit, or reach speeds faster than 60 mph, you will get a feel for the World Cup downhill experience after arching turns on Birds of Prey.

    To learn more about Beaver Creek expert skiing call, or chat with, one of Ski.com’s knowledgeable Mountain Vacation Specialists.